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State v. Mr. P (DMC No. 3500)

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR (DMC No. 3500) State v. Mr. P.: Mr. P.’s niece was 14 years old and had come to live with him and his wife. She was sent to their house because she was having sex with different boys. In addition, the girl’s mother was on drugs and had signed custody of the children over to them 2 other times. The grandmother now had custody of the children. The mother claimed the girl (now 16) had told her she’d been having sex for 2 years with Mr. P. She then asked to borrow money. When she was not loaned money, she then contacted the police. We were able to speak with the Maricopa County Attorney, and got the reviewing prosecutor to “turn down” charges, as both mother and daughter had criminal histories and were making these accusations in order to extort money.

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