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State v. Mr. D (DMC No. 3041)

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL ASSAULT (DMC No. 3041) State v. Mr. D.: Mr. D. was at a local nightclub in the V.I.P. room when he met the alleged victim. Mr. D. had been drinking with her and another girl, and all 3 were kissing. The alleged victim went home with him, and they engaged in consensual sexual activity. The next morning she gave him her work schedule, they made another date, and he drove her home. By that night, she called Detectives and claimed she had been drugged and raped. We had the alleged victim’s blood sample analyzed, which showed no drugs in her system. We also retrieved photos which had been taken that night at the bar, which showed the alleged victim to be perfectly lucid. Lastly, we sat down with Detectives with Mr. D. and he passed a police polygraph. We were able to convince the Detective to not file charges, protecting Mr. D. from spending decades in prison.

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