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State v. Mr. W and Mr. H (DMC No. 471)

NOT CHARGED | SEXUAL ASSAULT – (DMC No. 471) State v. Mr. W and Mr. H.: Mr. W. and Mr. H. were college students who were at a local bar when they met several girls and went back to their apartment. Both Mr. W. and Mr. H. are in the bedroom with the alleged victim, and all three (3) proceed to have sex. She is specifically asked if she wants to do this and she states “yeah”, and then takes off her clothes. On the ride home, her friend began calling her a “slut” and she then reports the incident as nonconsensual to the local police department. Numerous witnesses were interviewed by our office; we provided all information to the County Attorney’s Office. The County Attorney reviewed all evidence and made the decision to formally “turn down” the case, no charges were filed.

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