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State v. Mr. L (DMC No. 7081)

NOT CHARGED | CHILD MOLESTATION (DMC No. 7081) State v. Mr. L.: Mr. L. was a 49 year-old male who had 2 younger twin sisters. One of the younger sisters was abusing crack and taking advantage of their elderly mother. Mr. L. helped get the sister kicked out of the mother’s house. She retaliated by telling her mother that Mr. L. had molested her, her sister, and their brother. Ultimately police came to the house to help the sister remove her items from the house. At that time she told police about her accusations against Mr. L. We were able to show the police that she was a crack addict, was on anti-anxiety medication, and was making these allegations up to retaliate against Mr. L. No charges were brought against him. Had he been charged and convicted, he would have been facing potential life in prison.

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