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State v. Mr. H (DMC No. 1135)

NOT CHARGED | CHILD MOLESTATION (DMC No. 1135) State v. Mr. H.: Mr. H. adopted his daughter when she was approximately 5 years old. She had been abused by her previous parents, and had issues with Reactive Attachment Disorder. She had made other false claims and had stolen items in the past. In this particular case, she told her adopted brother that she had been molested for the previous 2 and ½ years, kept a diary, and allegedly had a sheet with a semen stain on it. She was now 15 years old and wanted to get out of the house to live with her boyfriend. We were able to have a polygraph examination conducted, and insisted that Detectives test the bed sheet. In the end, we were able to convince the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to “turn down” the case and not file charges, protecting Mr. H. from facing life in prison.

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