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State v. Mr. M (DMC No. 3892)

NOT CHARGED | CHILD MOLESTATION (DMC No. 3892) State v. Mr. M.: Mr. M. was going through a particularly nasty divorce with his wife, and they had four (4) girls between the ages of four (4) and eleven (11). During the divorce proceeding, Mr. M.’s soon to be ex-wife claimed that the four (4) year old and six (6) year old had claimed that their vaginas were touched for a sexual purpose. We had Mr. M. take and pass a polygraph, and then we sat down with the detective and presented the polygraph, along with affidavits of friends who stated Mr. M.’s wife was untruthful. The detective declined to route this case for prosecution due to the fact that there was no independent medical verification of any molest. In addition, he cited the meeting with our office and the passed polygraph. Mr. M. was facing potentially life in prison.

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