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State vs. Mr. M (DMC No. 9976)

DISMISSED | FELONY THEFT / FORGERY – State vs. Mr. M. (DMC No. 9976) (Maricopa County Superior Court No. CR2010-145563): Mr. M. made money by buying and selling used iphones on craigslist.  Earlier in the day, he bought a used iphone at one location, and then he went to a Fry’s electronics to buy another iphone.  Police showed up and claimed that he had used counterfeit money when buying the first iphone earlier in the day.  Mr. M. adamantly denied that allegation, and he (and his girlfriend) stated that the person making the claim was not the person who he had met with earlier in the day.  He was eventually charged with Theft and Forgery and after interviewing numerous witnesses, we were able to convince the prosecutor that the charges had no merit, and they agreed to Dismiss all charges.

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