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State. Vs. Mr. H (DMC No. 9374)

State. Vs. Mr. H. (DMC No. 9374) (City of Phoenix Court No. 2009-900173801): Mr. H. was driving with a friend when his vehicle went into a ditch and crashed.  When police arrived, they met with Mr. H.’s friend; Mr. H. told several different stories about what had occurred and who was driving.  Independent witness stated that he heard the accident and came out to see two gentlemen walking quickly away from a black BMW.  He heard one of the men say to the other man that he was going to come back to get his car before the police arrived.  Due to the fact that the independent witness was not able to say which one of the two men was driving the car, combined with deviations in the alleged passenger’s story, we were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all charges.

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