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State V. Mr. B. (DMC No. 12518)

Mr. B was a student at Northern Arizona University, and he had several of his dorm mates in his car when he pulled up to Sechrist Hall. Officers made contact and began a dui investigation. After Mr. B was arrested, a small film canister with an amount of marijuana was found inside. He also provided a blood test which revealed a .131 bac.

He was ultimately charged with dui drugs and hired our firm to represent him in the flagstaff justice court. Because mr. B was facing a dui drugs charge, he would have lost his license for 1 full year if he would have been convicted. We were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the dui drugs charge, and instead have mr. B simply pled to a regular alcohol dui with a minimum of 1 day in jail. Originally the prosecutor wanted 5 days in jail, but we presented mitigation evidence, along with mr. B’s school schedule in order to convince the prosecutor to offer the minimum 1 day in jail.

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