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State v. Mr. S (DMC No. 4219)

REDUCED | SEXUAL ASSAULT (DMC No. 4219) (Maricopa County Superior Court No.: 2003-019710CR): Mr. S. was a massage therapist at a local resort. The allegedly victim had three (3) beers prior to having her massage (in which she requested a male masseuse). The alleged victim claimed that Mr. S had brushed her vagina one time, and then put his thumb in her vagina one time. The alleged victim then paid for the massage and left a tip for Mr. S, prior to reporting the incident. She then reported the incident and Mr. S was interviewed by police. He stated that the alleged victim was asleep, when she moved all of a sudden and he accidentally brushed her vagina one time. We were able to discover that the alleged victim had made a prior sexual assault claims in the past, and had looked to file a civil suit for money. We were ultimately able to convince the State to dismiss all charges. This occurred after Mr. S had already spent several months in jail, and was facing years in prison.

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