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ASU v Ms. R (DMC No. 13249)

No Expulsion or Suspension – Title 9/School Disciplinary Hearing (Public Intoxication) – ASU v Ms. R (DMC No. 13249) (Arizona State University Office of the Dean of Students – Students Rights and Responsibilities Office Investigated):  Ms. R was observed by ASU staff outside her dorm room vomiting multiple times.  She was clearly intoxicated because she had been drinking a large amount of alcohol. Ultimately, the ASU Office of Students and Responsibilities alleged that she had violated the ABOR Student Code of Conduct Code 5-308 (F-15) which governs alcohol consumption and use on campus.

At the Hearing we were able to show that this was a very isolated incident, and that Ms. R was new to drinking. Ultimately, she was only required to do some classes and write a paper.  No negative marks were left on her transcript, and she went on to graduate from college with full honors.

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