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ASU v. Mr. S (DMC No. 13956)

No Expulsion or Suspension – Title 9/School Disciplinary Hearing (Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication) ASU v. Mr. S (DMC No. 13956) (Arizona State University Student Rights and Responsibilities Office Investigated):  A young lady and her boyfriend were asleep at 3 in the morning at the District Apartments at ASU.  Mr. S walked into their room at 3 a.m., turned on the lights and informed them that they were in his room and to “get out”.  He then began getting ready to go bed.  He was highly intoxicated and clearly did not realize he was trespassing in the wrong room.

As the boyfriend got up to try and get Mr. S to leave the room, they engaged in a scuffle.  Mr. S was then taken down to the ground, and ASU Security / Police were called and he was subsequently arrested.  Mr. S was accused of violating the ABOR Student Code of Conduct Rules 5-308 (F-2) entitled Endangering, Rule 5-308 (F-15) entitled Alcohol Regulations and Rule 5-308 (F-17) which relates to off campus conduct that may present a risk to health and safety.  At the Hearing, we were able to show that Mr. S did not intentionally engage in any of these acts, and had merely attended a party where he drank too much alcohol.

Although he was facing Expulsion and/or Suspension, we were able to secure a simple Probation with classes and requirement to write a paper on his experience.  Ultimately, Mr. S graduated from ASU and did not have any negative marks on his transcripts.

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