Juvenile Pre-Adjudication Hearings in Arizona

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In some cases, between the date of the “Advisory Hearing” and the date of the “Adjudication Hearing”, the prosecution and defense will set a Juvenile Pre-Adjudication Hearing in order to discuss the status of the Discovery Process. The Discovery Process is where the prosecution turns over the police reports and other evidence against the juvenile. In exchange, the defense turns over their list of witnesses and any other potentially exculpatory evidence which they may possess. The two (2) parties agree to set interview dates of each other’s witnesses in order to facilitate the Discovery Process.

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At the Juvenile Pre-Adjudication Hearing, sometimes one party will file motions asking for the Judge’s assistance in facilitating the Discovery Process. In addition, various evidentiary motions may be argued at this time. These motions may involve the admission or suppression of evidence, modification of release conditions, challenges to the law itself, or any other matter which may relate to the juvenile’s case.

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