Juvenile Detention Hearings in Arizona

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Once a juvenile is arrested and taken into custody, the Court must decide whether they will release the juvenile, or whether to hold the juvenile until they can conduct a Juvenile “Detention Hearing”.

Watch this short video where David explains about Juvenile Detention Hearing:

If the juvenile is held, the Prosecutor has 24 hours after that decision to bring the juvenile before the Judge to conduct the Juvenile Detention Hearing.

The Judge will make the determination whether to release the juvenile to their parents or legal guardians (such as grandparents), as long as there is an avowal from the third party that they will bring the juvenile to the next court date.

The Judge will not release the juvenile if there is probable cause to believe that the juvenile committed the crime alleged, and if one of the following five (5) factors:

  1. The juvenile will not be present at the Hearing
  2. The juvenile is likely to commit a crime which could hurt himself or others
  3. There is a hold from another jurisdiction
  4. The best interest of the juvenile or the public requires his protection
  5. It is required that the juvenile be held pending the filing of a specific complaint in adult court

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