Juvenile Advisory Hearing in Arizona

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An “Advisory Hearing” is conducted in order to “advise” the juvenile of the exact charges being filed against him. He or she is also told that he or she has a right to an attorney, and if he cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to him at the Court’s expense. For those juveniles who receive a Summons to appear in Court, the Court will also address the Release Conditions for the juvenile while the case is pending.

Watch this short video where David explains about Juvenile Advisory Hearings in Arizona:

As part of this determination, the Court will have a Probation Officer contact the juvenile and the parents. The Probation Officer will obtain background information concerning the juvenile. They typically cover school and/or employment; drug and alcohol history; family history; and previous treatment, if applicable.

On occasion, in victim cases, the Probation Department will contact any alleged victims concerning their position with regard to Pre-adjudication Hearing release. After obtaining all the background information, the Probation Officer will make a recommendation to the Court as to what type of release, if any, is appropriate. The Court will then order release conditions which the Court believes are appropriate for the juvenile.

In many cases, the Court will release the juvenile to the custody of the parents. If a plea of “Not Guilty” is entered at the Advisory Hearing, then an “Adjudication Hearing” (i.e. a “Trial”) is set. This must occur within forty-five to sixty (45-60) days of the Advisory Hearing.

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