Arrest, CLD (cite in lieu of detention)- ie., a traffic ticket

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Technically, an arrest is whenever an officer has placed you in custody. This can be as simply as forcing you to remain at a certain location (i.e., you are not free to leave). Officers are allowed to keep you for minor “investigatory detentions,” which would include brief detentions in order to write you a ticket. However, for purposes for this definition, we will assume an arrest is when you have actually been handcuffed and taken to another location (be it the police station, a police van, or actually being booked into jail and held to see a judge).

If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor in Phoenix then there is a good possibility you will end up at the 4th Avenue Jail in Downtown Phoenix.

Cite in lieu of detention (CLD): This is when the officer writes you a “Ticket” for a misdemeanor offense and then has you sign the bottom promising to appear in court on a certain date. He then hands you the traffic ticket and releases you either to a cab, a third party, or simply on your own. The next date on the traffic ticket is what is known as an “Initial Appearance”. For misdemeanor cases, it can be both an Initial Appearance and an “Arraignment”. (See Initial Appearance / Arraignment).

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