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Things to do (and NOT to do) in a Police Encounter

Many times people wonder what they are required by law to do when they are approached by a police officer. Here is a great post with three things every person should be aware of when dealing with police. At DM Cantor, we think the most important thing you should know is that you always have the right to have an attorney present when you are being questioned by police officers. If an officer asks you to come down to the station to answer some questions, always ask them if you are being placed under arrest. If you are not, you are not required by law to go with the officers, and you SHOULD NOT GO with the officers, even if you are completely innocent.

The biggest mistake people make is to assume that since they are not guilty of any wrongdoing, that there is no harm in talking with police. In a perfect world, that would be a great assumption. However, in the real world, that is just not true. Literally, anything that you say can be used against you, in reference to this crime or to another crime. Your words, however innocent they may appear to you, can be twisted into a manner that you did not intend. If you are being questioned, always ask for an attorney and call us immediately. As the old cliché goes, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

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