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PreCharge “Investigation Stage” Legal Representation

Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor talks today about PreCharge “Investigation Stage” Cases and explains what it is, why you should get it, and how his offices proceed. If you have been accused of a crime, are being approached by Detectives, or have been in an accident you are in what is known as the PreCharge or “Investigation Stage” and it is a critical time to get legal representation. There is a huge difference between not being charged with anything and being charged then found not guilty a few minutes later. For Job Interviews and background checks even if you are found not guilty having a Charge on your record can result in not getting an interview or job.

If you are arrested, questioned and released without a citation, or if the police are attempting to contact you regarding criminal allegations from another person, then you are currently in the “Precharge” or “Investigation Stage” of a criminal case. This is the most important time to hire an experienced Arizona Criminal Defense lawyer to avoid being charged with a crime that may affect your permanent record.

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