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Pre-charge Investigation Stage Cases

‘Pre-charge’, also called the ‘Investigation Stage’ of a criminal case is the stage when someone is under observation for a criminal offense, but no formal action has been taken. When someone is involved in such a situation, it can have a significant negative impact on different areas of their life. This initial state precedes any formal charges. Usually, a person is considered to be involved in a pre-charge stage when they have been arrested by the law enforcement and have been questioned, but later released without facing any charges. This means that the person stands in imminent danger of getting arrested anytime if police find any evidence against them.

Even if the person has not been convicted, the arrest itself may be recorded and documented, which can have a negative impact on their personal life. Their story may make it to the newspaper headline, or it may be put up on any of the news reporting websites. The individual is stuck in the pre-charge stage after being arrested, until they are actually charged with the crime. Anyone who has been arrested in connection to a crime but was later released without charges, is advised to consult a qualified criminal defense attorney.

This is important because the early stages of a criminal case can be crucial in determining the outcome of the case. Even a minor error in judgment in a criminal case can result in an unfavorable outcome for the person. This is also true in the case when the suspect or defendant fails to understand their rights and fails to seek legal counsel at the appropriate time.

The right attorney will have sound knowledge of the criminal justice system. He or she will also have the ability to assemble compelling evidence and necessary documentation required in criminal cases. The attorney will know how to initiate and establish communication with the primary investigating officer, as well as with the prosecutor’s office. The criminal defense attorney will be able to counsel you on the relevant laws, and will be able to provide you guidance on how to prepare your defense in the best possible way during the pre-charge investigation phase of your case.

Protect Your Rights

Even if you know that you are completely innocent, you should still consult a competent criminal defense attorney and seek legal representation. It is your right to seek legal counsel and get proper representation in order to prove your innocence. Your attorney will carry out a pre-charge investigation in order to identify any sources of evidence which can be documented and reserved to use later if you are actually charged with the crime.

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