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Post Conviction Relief Petition Arizona Rule 32

Arizona Rule 32

Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor discusses Post Conviction Relief Petition for Justification and recent changes to the Arizona Rule 32 Law. This is an important issue for anyone involved in a case where something like self defense was involved in a violent crime. In Arizona prior to 2006 is was the burden of the defendant to prove they had justification of self defense. After 2006 the burden was shifted to the state to prove that there was no justification for self defense.

If you or someone you know was convicted of a crime and justification was involved in the defense prior to 2006 and after 1997 then you should contact us immediately. Whether you are done with the sentence or still serving time we can work to either expunge your record, plea it down to a lesser charge, or some other option. Call us today at 602-307-0808 and let us take a look at your case to let you know if Arizona Rule 32 applies or if something can be done.

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