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What to Do if You’re Charged with Prostitution

If you have been charged with Prostitution, you’re going to require a skilled Phoenix Criminal Law Lawyer.

One of the strongest defenses to Prostitution is “Entrapment”. Entrapment occurs when an undercover Officer gets a person to agree to something they would not ordinarily agree to by coercing them or overbearing their will. For example, if an undercover police officer utilizes the service of a “private dancer” or “escort”, and then begins offering extremely large amounts of money to induce the dancer or escort into a sex act, this can be argued as Entrapment. Many times these “private dancer” services do not allow any type of touching or physical contact between the dancer and the patron. However, the old adage “everyone has their price” sometimes is utilized by the Officer to the dancer’s disadvantage. Other times, Officers “jump the gun” and make an arrest prior to an actual agreement taking place. It is important to see whether money actually changed hands, or whether there was any initial physical contact which would indicate that a true act of Prostitution was about to take place.

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