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What to Do if You’re Charged with Arson

If you have been charged with Arson, you’re going to require a skilled Defense Attorney for Arson.

The key to defending an Arson charge is showing that a person did not “intend” to burn a structure or property, but that they also did not “knowingly” do so (i.e., “Lack of Intent” and “Lack of Knowledge”). For example, if a camper merely lights a campfire, and then it unintentionally spreads out of control, this would not necessarily qualify as Arson. In addition, there are numerous household accidents which could result in a structure being burned to the ground.

The problem arises when an insurance company unfairly attempts to shift the blame onto the Defendant, rather than paying off an expensive claim. It is important to analyze all aspects of the Detective’s report to determine whether they have misconstrued any of the evidence. It may also be necessary to utilize our own investigator in order to look for faulty wiring, faulty gas line hook-ups, defective appliances, and things of this nature.

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