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Criminal Lawyer, David Michael Cantor, Guest Lectures at The Phoenix School of Law

Phoenix, AZ May 12, 2010 — Arizona Criminal Lawyer David Michael Cantor spoke to a group of law students at The Phoenix School of Law on Thursday, April 8, 2010. Cantor spoke to students about the case stages of a criminal defense case, which included Misdemeanor Adult Stages, Felony Adult Stages and Juvenile Case Stages.

Criminal Lawyer Cantor was asked to speak about the “nuts and bolts” of criminal procedure by Professor Keith Swisher. Swisher asked Cantor to speak to his student because of Cantor’s expertise in criminal defense and because he discovered that most criminal procedure text books have little or nothing to do with the actual ‘what happens next’ in a criminal case.

Cantor provided basic information regarding all stages of what occurs after a traffic stop, from the issuance of the ticket to being booked into jail, to the case’s final appellate stage. In addition, the differences between Juvenile Court and Adult Court were discussed in depth with the students.

“My goal was to prepare the law students to be ‘practice ready’ from the moment they pass the bar exam,” said criminal defense lawyer David Michael Cantor.

Cantor also discussed the DUI laws in Arizona, and what a person should do if they are stopped by the police. Cantor informed the students that this would probably be the most common questions asked of the young law students by friends, family and acquaintances upon leaving law school.

“The offense of DUI does not involve an evil heart, such as theft murder or other violent crimes,” Cantor said to the students. “But it is what is known as a threshold crime because it is legal to drink and drive, but it is illegal to drive impaired or above a .08.”

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