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Cocaine Possession, For Sale: The Middle Man

In the state of Arizona, possession of drugs for sale and/or transportation for sale, are very serious charges.  The following is a common scenario in college environments:

21 year old Tim is a senior at a large Mid West university who is majoring in business and is in a fraternity.  One Friday night he and nine of his fraternity buddies know of a party going on that they want to attend.  One of Tim’s friends suggests that they all buy one gram of cocaine each to take during the night.  Tim knows a guy who sells cocaine but doesn’t feel comfortable being the middle man.  His friends all converse and nobody knows where to get the cocaine.  Even though he didn’t want to, Tim tells the guys that he knows somebody who deals coke.

Each of the guys gave Tim enough money for one gram of coke each.  With the money in hand Tim calls up his dealer and meets him to buy the cocaine.  The dealer gives Tim 10 individual one gram bags of coke to give to his friends.  Tim takes the cocaine and heads back to the fraternity house to give his friends their individual bags.

Tim is pulled over on the way home because he had a broken tail light.  Tim forgot that he did not cover the drugs in his backseat because he is not used to buying drugs.  The police officer sees the numerous baggies and asks Tim to step out of the car.  Tim thinks he will be fine because he knows it’s not all his but what Tim doesn’t know is that having more than 9 grams of cocaine is the legal threshold which turns his friendly pick up deed, into a possible 25 year prison sentence without parole.  Even though only one of the grams is his, he is now looking at possession of drugs for sale and/or transportation for sale.

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