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What to do if You’re Charged with Theft in Arizona

If you have been charged with Theft, you’re going to require a skilled Arizona Theft Attorney.

One of the most often seen defenses to Theft is “Consent”. This will occur when two (2) people have an agreement or an understanding regarding the use of a piece of property, money, or a credit card. Then when the relationship goes bad, one person may simply accuse the Defendant of some type of “Theft”. This is often seen in situations involving roommates, boyfriends and girlfriends, spouses and business partners. Other times “Consent” is seen where one person loans another person money and they are told “pay me back by the 15th, or I will hold on to your motorcycle until you pay me”. The other person then states “no problem”, and when they cannot pay the person back, they are then surprised to see that their motorcycle has actually been taken as collateral. It is important to interview all people who may have been witnesses to the “Consent” in order to demonstrate to the Prosecutor that this is not a true theft.

Theft can carry steep charges that range from simple fines to years of prison time! Visit our website to learn more about possible defenses and/or punishment for a Theft charge.

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