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What to Do if You’re Charged with Sexual Abuse

If you have been charged with Sexual Abuse, you’re going to require a skilled sex crimes attorney experienced with Arizona laws.

Many times these Sexual Abuse charges arise during the pendency of a divorce proceeding. In other words, the Defendant’s soon to be ex-spouse, or an angry teenager who wants her father or step-father “out of the picture”, will make up these false allegations. It is important to challenge these charges immediately by reviewing how the report was initially received; obtaining any CPS reports which were prepared; questioning any forensic interviewers which may have talked to the child; obtain any divorce paperwork that may have previously been filed; and potentially obtain a polygraph of the Defendant in order to show that he is, in fact, innocent.

All of these procedures must be done rapidly, because once a person is charged, they are “non-bondable” and will sit in jail until the case resolves. This means that if you have a million dollars in your pocket, you will still sit in jail until these charges finalize. This is why these Sexual Abuse allegations are so dangerous when they come in the context of a divorce proceeding.

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