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What to Do if You’re Charged with Forgery

If you have been charged with Forgery, you’re going to require a skilled Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Possible Defenses for Forgery can include “Consent”, due to the fact that the Defendant was given permission by the owner of the document to add their signature. This occurs commonly with spouses or other relatives. Problems arise when a couple goes through a divorce, and then one of the parties claims they did not give permission to the other party to sign one of their checks.

This is sometimes seen with roommates who have fallen out of favor with each other. Another major defense to Forgery is “Lack of Knowledge” that the document was forged. This commonly occurs when the Defendant’s so-called “friend” asks them to run down and cash a check for them at a check cashing store. It is important to interview all witnesses who have knowledge of both the Defendant and the accusing party in order to establish a defense to a Forgery charge.

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