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State v. Mr. Z (DMC No. 9614)

ARSON NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. Z (DMC No. 9614) (Chandler Police Department Investigated):  Mr. Z was a 13 year old Junior High student who befriended an older high school girl. They broke into an abandoned foreclosed home, and started a fire inside the house. After the house had filled with smoke, they heard a knock at the door and they ran out the back. They were followed by a man in a pickup truck, and Chandler PD was called in. Chandler Police Department interviewed Mr. Z, on two separate occasions, and he admitted to being with the girl who started the fire. We became involved and were able to present evidence that Mr. Z had various psychological issues and was on medication. In addition to that, his youthful age also helped convince the Police Department to not file criminal charges against Mr. Z. This was a matter that his parents could handle.

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