Austin Thornton

Legal Assistant

Austin, an Arizonan Native, has always resided in the greater Phoenix area alongside his twin brother. During his four years at Grand Canyon University, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies with an emphasis on legal studies, opting to minor in forensic psychology. Prior to his senior year, he commenced work as a law clerk at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, specifically assigned to the Phoenix Central/South Mountain trial group. Subsequently, he undertook another law clerkship with the Public Records Bureau of the Civil Services Division at MCAO. Currently, he is pursuing a paralegal certificate at Phoenix College, enrolled in an “ABA approved” program.

While Austin entertains the possibility of attending law school and becoming a lawyer, his current dedication lies in serving as a paralegal to assist others, while also honing his skills within the legal realm. His passion for the legal field stems from his experience at The American Legion’s Boys State Arizona 2018, where he realized the profession’s potential to humble oneself and serve those seeking justice. Whether on the side of defense or prosecution, Austin sees himself as part of the support structure ensuring satisfactory resolution of legal issues. He finds purpose in being among like-minded individuals in the legal profession.

Despite his dedication to the law, Austin enjoys various hobbies. He engages in weight training, snowboarding in Flagstaff and elsewhere in the U.S., when possible, indulges in movie marathons, plays basketball, and refines his cooking skills.

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