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Category Archives: 79A Unlawful Imprisonment Victories

REDUCED |  FELONY UNLAWFUL IMPRISONMENT and ASSAULT REDUCED to MISDEMEANOR with ZERO DAYS in JAIL – State v. Mr. B. (DMC No. 7438) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2007-117987): Mr. B. had been having problems with his girlfriend, and was ordered by a Judge to stay away from her.  He went to her house and they began arguing and a struggle broke out.  He then would not let her leave the house.  Ultimately, the police arrived and he was arrested.  He was charged with Felony Unlawful Imprisonment and Assault.  Although he had a prior assault conviction and was in violation of the Judge’s order, we were able to secure an offer to a misdemeanor with zero days in jail.

REDUCED | UNLAWFUL IMPRISONMENT, DISORDERLY CONDUCT and ASSUALT REDUCED to a MISDEMEANOR with PROBATION and 5 DAYS in JAIL – State v. Mr. L. (DMC No. 7432) (Mesa City Court 2006-038599): Mr. L. was having a mental breakdown was attempting to kill himself by slashing his wrists.  When his girlfriend intervened, they became engaged in a struggle.  He tried to tie her up with speaker wire, and eventually he let her go.  When police arrived he was unconscious and was taken to the hospital.  He was subsequently charged with Disorderly Conduct, Assault and Unlawful Imprisonment.  Due to the circumstances, and with the submission of mental records, we were able to have the case reduced to a simple misdemeanor with probation and 5 days in jail.

DISMISSED | DISORDERLY CONDUCT DISMISSED – State v. Mr. T. (DMC No. 4919) (Maricopa County Juvenile Court JV538918): Mr. T. had gotten into an argument with relatives when a fight broke out.  Police were called, and he was charged with disorderly conduct.  Because he was a juvenile, he was charged in the juvenile court.  We were able to convince the Prosecutor to dismiss all charges in exchange for Mr. T. conducting 16 hours of community service before the next court date.  This occurred, and all charges were dismissed.

REDUCED | DISORDERLY CONDUCT (dangerous)/UNLAWFUL IMPRISONMENT REDUCED to MISDEMEANOR DISORDERLY CONDUCT with ZERO DAYS JAIL – State v. Mr. S. (DMC No. 10250) (Maricopa County Superior Court CR2011-142882): Mr. S. and his wife had separated, and he was helping her move into a new apartment.  They drank heavily at happy hour, and when they went to her new apartment and began to argue.   After he left, she called police and stated that he hit her on the back of the head with a 5 pound dumbbell, held her down and wouldn’t let her leave.  We convinced the Prosecutor that the evidence didn’t line up with Ms. S.’s story.   The disorderly conduct dangerous and unlawful imprisonment was reduced to a simple misdemeanor “disorderly conduct”, with zero days in jail.  Mr. S. was originally facing 1 ½ to 3 years in prison on the disorderly conduct dangerous charge alone.

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