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Category Archives: 70A Robbery Pre-Charge Victories

NOT CHARGED | ROBBERY – State v. Ms. C. (DMC No. 8590) (Phoenix Police Department DR81296729): Ms. C. had obtained some kittens from a local cat “breeder”, and she returned them because they were diseased.  She subsequently got into an argument with the owner and allegedly broke the window of the owner’s property.  She then took two other kittens and left the property.  We were able to work with the Detective and the alleged victim and negotiated a “civil compromise”, which involved a small monetary settlement.  She was not charged with any criminal activity.

NOT CHARGED | ARMED ROBBERY with a GUN (dangerous) NOT CHARGED – State v. Mr. G. (DMC No. 5213) (Mesa Police Department DR2003-1530876): Mr. G. was a 15 year old juvenile who was accused with a group of males of going into a convenience mart and stealing beer at gunpoint.  The owner of the convenience mart, a Vietnamese gentleman, ran outside and began firing his weapon at the vehicle as it was leaving.  Through our investigation, we were able to convince the cops that there was no weapon displayed by any of the young males, and the owner was the only one that possessed a weapon.  Mr. G. was not charged with any crimes and the owner of the convenience store was investigated for excessive use of force and potential aggravated assault dangerous.

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