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State v. Ms. K (DMC No. 8682)

FELONY CRIMINAL DAMAGE DISMISSED- State v. Ms. K (DMC No. 8682) (Maricopa County Superior Court PF2006-173203; Mesa Police Department DR No. 2006-3330478): Ms. K had lived with her boyfriend for approximately 9 years when she began to be suspicious that he had cheated on her. She went down to his business, a collectable store, and began yelling at him. When he called Police so that they would come and “Trespass” Ms. K, she picked up a golf club and damaged paintings worth $4,200. She was subsequently arrested and booked in for Felony Criminal Damage.

Ms. K’s boyfriend secured our services because he did not wish to see his girlfriend prosecuted. We contacted the Prosecutors and they indicated that the State was pressing charges and not Ms. K’s boyfriend. When it became apparent that they would have a problem securing any corroborating witnesses, they Dismissed charges at the Preliminary Hearing level.

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