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State vs. Mr. S (DMC No. 9990)

REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR | FELONY TRESPASSING – State vs. Mr. S. (DMC No. 9990) (Maricopa County Superior Court No. CR2011-108115): Mr. S. was suffering from a psychotic episode while attending ASU.  A fire drill occurred at his apartment complex, when he entered another person’s room and began taking a shower without their permission.  When police arrived, he was taken into custody and taken to the Tempe City jail.  He began acting in a very erotic matter and eventually taken to a mental health facility where he spent 5 days.  Due to his mental health state, we were able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the felony down to an outright Misdemeanor with Probation and no jail.  In addition, they would not charge him with any crimes related him stripping naked in front of the apartment resident prior to getting into the shower.

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