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April 19, 2021

State v. Mr. S (DM 15875) – Felony Sexual Battery – Dismissed – Fugitive of Justice Warrant – Maricopa County Superior Court (Case No. CR2019-003424):  Mr. S had been convicted in Florida of Sexual Battery and had spent six years in prison and was then placed on 15 years of probation.  Through a program known as Interstate Compact, he requested to move to Arizona.  Upon being given permissions to travel to Arizona to register for Interstate Compact, he cut off his ankle monitor and left Florida.  When he got to Arizona, he did not immediately contact the Probation Officer to register for probation.

When he finally got around to going in to sign up for probation in Arizona, he was arrested for a Fugitive of Justice warrant outside of Florida.  We were able to explain the situation that he had just been late in getting to the Arizona office to register, and he was not seeking to flee Florida at all.  We also explained he truly believed he needed to remove his ankle monitor before he traveled to Arizona.  Ultimately, the Fugitive of Justice warrant was dismissed, and Mr. S was allowed to register for probation in the State of Arizona.

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