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The Do’s and Don’ts If Stopped at a Sobriety Checkpoint

This Fourth of July week will be one of the busiest for officers in Arizona and across the nation.  DUI and sobriety checkpoints will start on July 4th and extend to Saturday July 6th.  If you have been drinking and decide to drive, make sure that you have given yourself enough time after your last drink in order to not be impaired and to get your BAC level back under 0.08%.

 If you find yourself at one of these sobriety checkpoints and are not sure what your BAC level is, read our DUI do’s and don’ts HERE.  That page will provide you with all the knowledge necessary about what to do if stopped by law enforcement after you have been drinking. For example, don’t take the eye test or any coordination tests.  You are not required to do these and if the officer is asking you to do any test, chances are he/she is going to arrest you anyway.  The test results just help the prosecutors case.

The most important thing you MUST do is ask to speak with an attorney BEFORE agreeing to any test (breath, blood, etc.).   Put our phone number (602-307-0808) in your cell phone now and call us before speaking to police.

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