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How Much does a DUI Cost in Arizona?

David Cantor talks with KPNX NBC12 in Phoenix about how much a DUI will cost you in Arizona:

You’ve seen the anti-DUI advertisements that read “You just blew $10,000!” In Arizona you are probably spending more that $10,000. Here are some approximate costs for a misdemeanor DUI:

Minimum Cost
Fines and Fees – $2,100
Jail – $225
Classes – $550
Interlock Device – $1,000

Auto Insurance Increases
$3,000 more a year for up to 3 years on average.

DUI Lawyer Cost

Many people call our office and want to know, what does a DUI Lawyer cost? That depends. The costs associated with an aggressive and experienced DUI Lawyer will vary depending on their qualifications. More than likely, the average cost of a DUI lawyer will land within the range of $4,000 – $10,000 depending on a lot of factors (1st offense?, misdemeanor or felony DUI?, will the case go to trial?, etc.).

The lesson is to not drive drunk, but if you are suspected of DUI it is best to get a firm with a Certified Criminal Law Specialist like David Michael Cantor to help minimize the consequences you may face for a DUI conviction in Arizona. DM Cantor is also an AV Rated law firm and can help you if you have a DUI in Arizona. Contact us for a Free Consultation or call us at 602-307-0808 24 hours a day.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Scottsdale or anywhere in Arizona, only the best representation will do. Call our offices to schedule a free consultation today.

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