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Drunk Driving Attorneys Receive Hung Jury Verdict on a Blood Alcohol Content .264 DUI Case

May 21, 2010 — Drunk Driving Attorneys from DM Cantor were able to earn their defendant a hung jury verdict in a DUI case containing a .264 blood alcohol content.

According to court documents, in the case of State v. Jacobs (Phoenix City Court Case No. 3964422) a jury could not reach a verdict regarding a charge of DUI, Driving with a BAC above .08, Extreme DUI (Driving with a BAC above .15), and a Super Extreme DUI (Driving with a BAC above .20).

The April 29, 2010 Hung Jury verdict came as no surprise to the Drunk Driving Attorneys from DM Cantor. Jacobs’ case involved four cops who each had a different story. The most shocking moment came when the arresting officer stated to the jury that after he was through with processing Jacobs, he then “went out hunting” for more DUIs.

“This clearly appeared to be an officer who was out making pretext stops in order to satisfy some type of DUI arrest quota,” said Arizona DUI Attorney David Michael Cantor “Whenever you have an officer who states he is ‘hunting’ for people to pull over, this strikes juries as inappropriate”.

In addition to the officer’s questionable statement to the jury, it became apparent that Jacobs’s signs and symptoms of alcohol impairment were not consistent with somebody who would be at an actual .264 blood alcohol content.

The officers also had offended the jury when they stated that they had been making fun of Jacobs’ “go-go boots” that she had been wearing on the night of the alleged offense. “It is never a good idea to make fun of a person who is being placed under arrest” said Cantor.

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