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Clients of a DUI Lawyer in Phoenix May Be Eligible for Home Detention Programs

Ask any DUI lawyer in Phoenix. House arrest and ankle monitors may soon become an alternative option for convicted drunk driving offenders. While home detention programs are certainly nothing new, as Arizona law has enabled their creation for a number of years and most Valley City courts already have similar programs. It makes sense from more than just the point of view of the client of a DUI lawyer in Phoenix. Faced with already strapped budgets, city officials realize it’s an easy way to cut costs. Like many things, it all comes down to economics.

The Scottsdale City Council is considering the measure, and most think they’ll pass it. If the program is approved, any DUI lawyer in Phoenix will be able to request the program for clients facing jail time. City officials hope to have the program in place by summer. If it doesn’t take effect, the city can expect to pay about $3.5 million over the next year supplying what essentially comes down to “temporary housing” for the clients of some DUI lawyer in Phoenix. In this economy, it seems the city would likely have better ways to spend its money, such as working to fight homelessness, boosting strapped police forces, or fighting off any impending deficits.

Making the clients of a DUI lawyer in Phoenix stay home to do their time simply makes the most economic sense. A home detention program is expected to save $600,000 to $1 million every year. Considering the first day in jail costs a city $192, and every day after that adds $72 on the bill, the city really can’t afford to pass up on this economic opportunity.

Cost savings are essential, but equally important is the strain that it saves law enforcement. There are some serious positive repercussions. One positive advantage is that drunk driving offenders will more likely be able to keep their jobs, and therefore be in a better position to pay back court costs as well as be productive members of society. Jail costs can be considerable. While the inmates are required to pay back a portion, they are in a better position to do so if they are able to keep their job. Typically, courts collect only 50 to 60% of all costs, most likely because the person is no longer employed after spending time in jail.

Most likely, a convicted individual would have to serve their first 15 days in jail. After that, they could serve their time at home.

Home detention, on the other hand, costs about $100 to start up and $10 to $18 per day after that. Part of that cost would be covered by the convicted client of a DUI lawyer in Phoenix.

Certain convicts would be illegible for home detention. People with a history of violence or who pose other potential dangers would most likely have to serve their time in a traditional jail. A client of a DUI Lawyer in Phoenix with a domestic violence conviction would also be barred, as would the unemployed. About half the Scottsdale city’s DUI offenders are likely to participate in the program.

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