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State v. Ms. A (DMC No. 7560)

DISMISSED | ARSON/RECKLESS BURNING – State v. Ms. A. (DMC No. 7560) (Phoenix City Court 3684834): Ms. A. had been in an argument with her boyfriend at a BBQ, and when she left she set a box on fire in the driveway.  When police found her parked on the street, they noticed smoke inside of her vehicle.  They saw she had a burning pan of charcoal in the backseat, along with a container of lighter fluid.

She had told police that she had merely wanted to “get her boyfriend’s attention”.  She was originally going to be charged with Arson, however we were able to convince the Prosecutor to charge it merely as a misdemeanor “Reckless Burning”.  We then negotiated a “misdemeanor compromise”, and the State agreed to dismiss all charges.  Ms. A. was originally facing a felony with potential prison time.

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