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Sweat Lodge Trial Defense Gets a Doctor

Here is Phoenix DUI Lawyer David M Cantor’s third video talking about the Sweat Lodge trial of James Arthur Ray. In this video David discusses two new versions of the retreat that Ray organized where three people died following a ceremony in the sweat lodge. David identifies a new possible defense that Ray’s lawyers might want to use: the fact that there was a licensed medical doctor at the event as a participant. This helps to show that Ray could not have foreseen the deaths or danger to persons since not even a trained medical professional saw it coming. What do you think?

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CAMP VERDE – Jurors in a self-help author’s manslaughter trial heard two different versions of a self-help author’s “Spiritual Warrior” retreat Friday.

Dr. Jeanne Armstrong says breathing exercises, a 36-hour fast in the desert and a hair-shaving event had no bearing on her decision to take part in the October 2009 ceremony, nor was she pressured.

Laurie Gennari likened the week’s events to junior high school where students are taunted and to participate in activities and called out if they don’t.

Three people died following the sweat lodge ceremony. Ray has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges.

Prosecutors say that Ray conditioned the participants to remain in the sweltering structure despite signs all around that things were going wrong.

Defense attorneys say the deaths were a tragic accident that Ray couldn’t have predicted.

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