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Father Winter Warning

As the seasons begin to change again, we experience a decrease in temperature and an increase in safety hazards. Although winter can be a great time to experience the holidays and snowy weather, it can be a playground of accidents.

This winter be sure to keep your guard up when facing the risks associated with winter weather. Take into consideration these preparation tips to avoid any chance of injury:

Cold Morning Start

As you being your typical morning routine, prepping your car might not be the first thing on your mind. Although many of us are going for that first cup of coffee, it might be a wise time to check out the weather conditions for your daily commute to work.

If you’re in a climate that is prone to frost, ice, or snow; take steps the night before by laying down salt in your driveway. This can help keep you from a slick situation before your day gets started. Another way to combat the freezing temperature is to start your car ahead of time. If your car is in the garage, make sure the garage door is open to let out the exhaust fumes. Having your driveway and car prepared can put you a big step ahead of the game.

Black Ice

Although black ice is something that is out of your control, it would be wise to keep an eye out. Black ice can affect drivers as well as those who might have to commute by foot. Ensure that you’re taking notice of the sidewalk. A simple slip and fall could result in serious harm and a possible brain injury.

Motorists can be sure that when they experience black ice from behind the wheel to avoid slamming on their breaks. This will make matters worse. Instead try to steer the vehicle in a way to where you can somewhat glide back to your path on the road. Many trucks and oversized vehicles will take extra precaution by applying chains to their wheels to avoid any slippery situations resulting in a vehicle accident.

Emergency Contacts

Another great way to cope with the effects of winter is to keep an emergency contact readily available. These contacts are useful for situations such as school closings due to winter weather. Your emergency contact should have the ability to ensure that your children get home safely.

Another benefit of an emergency contact to provide assistance in need of any vehicle issues or accidents. Winter weather poses a threat to all commuters and having someone to aid will be required at some point in time.

Although there are many hacks and tips that can assist you with the harsh conditions of winter, these options are sure to provide you with some useful insight to take the next step to safety. Be sure that you’re taking the necessary precaution this winter to avoid any chance of an accident.

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