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Did Andrew Thomas use RICO funds illegally?

Today Arizona Criminal Lawyer David Michael Cantor discusses the recent news that former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas used RICO funds inappropriately. As reported in the Arizona Republic between November 2008 and March 2010 Thomas’ office spent $127,000 of RICO funds with four different private law firms representing the Attorney’s and Sheriff’s offices in civil court cases.
David cites a number of quotes from the article that put these actions into question by numerous law enforcement officials. It looks like yet again Andrew Thomas was abusing his power in very unethical ways. The question now is when will action be taken by the Arizona State Bar and various investigators working on this case?

Media Circus for the Casey Anthony Trial

Today David Michael Cantor talks about the Casey Anthony trial and the amazing amount of media attention CNN has been giving it. For the uninitiated Casey Anthony was indicted on October 14, 2008 for the death of her toddler. David feels that this case is garnering way too much attention for how interesting it is and it’s importance in US Legal news.

Currently CNN is devoting a significant portion of its daily coverage to this trial both on Headline News and CNN. Apparently Nancy Grace, the TV super heavy in unimportant trial coverage, has been brought in to provide the critical coverage that the US public needs.

Post Conviction Relief Petition Arizona Rule 32


Arizona Rule 32

Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor discusses Post Conviction Relief Petition for Justification and recent changes to theĀ Arizona Rule 32 Law. This is an important issue for anyone involved in a case where something like self defense was involved in a violent crime. In Arizona prior to 2006 is was the burden of the defendant to prove they had justification of self defense. After 2006 the burden was shifted to the state to prove that there was no justification for self defense.

If you or someone you know was convicted of a crime and justification was involved in the defense prior to 2006 and after 1997 then you should contact us immediately. Whether you are done with the sentence or still serving time we can work to either expunge your record, plea it down to a lesser charge, or some other option. Call us today at 602-307-0808 and let us take a look at your case to let you know if Arizona Rule 32 applies or if something can be done.

Arizona Ranger Reward for Capture of Escaped Convicts

Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor talks about the debate over giving the reward to the Arizona Park Ranger who played a key role in the capture of escaped inmates Tracy Province and John McCluskey. At issue is whether the Ranger was performing his duties as a Park Ranger or if this was beyond his call to duty. David also talks about some other legal points and gives his opinion on the matter. Let us know what you think.

Sheriff Joe Gets Sued by the Feds over Immigration Raids

Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor talks about Sheriff Joe, the “thoughest sheriff in america”, and how he is being sued by the federal government over his refusal to turn over public documents regarding his raids on suspected illegal immigrants. At issue is whether or not the Sheriff is using racial profiling to determine if someone is illegal or not. This is an unprecedented situation as pointed out by David and is seen as a very serious threat to the Sheriff’s career.

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