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Holme’s Psychiatrist warned police 6 weeks before shooting

The psychiatrist for James Holmes is reported to have warned University of Colorado police six weeks before his movie theater shooting rampage in Aurora Colorado. Lynne Fenton, Holmes’ psychiatrist, told a police officer on campus that she was concerned that her paitent might be a danger to himself or others. It is not clear what the officer did with that information.

If this is true it marks the second instance where Fenton warned officials about her patients health and safety. It also marks the second time that nothing appears to have been done in response.

Holmes was a doctorate student in the University of Colorado Neuroscience program. He failed an oral examination on June 7th and dropped out of school on June 10th, six weeks before entering a midnight showing of ‘The Dark Knight’ and shooting 70 people, killing 12. He is charged with 24 counts of first-degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. If found guilty he may possibly face the death penalty.

The death penalty was reinstated in Colorado in 1975 but has only been used once since. In 1997 Gary Lee Davis was put to death via lethal injection after he was found guilty of murder and rape in 1986.

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