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First Amendment

Fired for Facebooking: Free Speech vs Corp Policy

As the Internet evolves to encompass more of our lives the legal issues with being able to say whatever we want and immediately have that published to anyone in the world are growing. Today David M Cantor, a Phoenix DUI Lawyer, talks about a recent case reported by the ABAjournal from various sources where an employee was fired for voicing a union issue on Facebook.

At issue here is corporate policy versus the basic right an American citizen has to free and protected speech. In this case an employee of American Medical Response(AMR) of Connecticut Inc. posted negative remarks about her supervisor on Facebook, the incredibly popular social media network. This act violated AMR’s corporate policy preventing employees from ‘badmouthing‘ the company online. The post in question was in retaliation to AMR’s denial of union representation regarding a customer complaint.

Naturally the union came to the employee’s defense and the National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) filed a lawsuit against AMR for restricting the employees right to “protected concerted activity” under the National Labor Relations Act. In his video David talks about the difference between badmouthing a companies product or service versus its employment policy and tactics. The case was recently settled our of court for an undisclosed sum and AMR has updated its policy regarding worker’s ability to communicate online about the company.

For years the discussion about social media dangers have been focused on employees’ watching what they say. Now we are seeing more and more cases where the employer needs to be more cautious about how it behaves in the social media space.

Youtube mom busted for child abuse Social Media Lawyer

Today, child abuse lawyer David Cantor talks about a recent case in Florida where a mother has been arrested for child abuse. The interesting twist on this story is how she was busted: via a video on Youtube documenting her cheering on her 16 year old daughter while she was fighting another girl. Give this lady a nomination for worst mother of the year on the first count of encouraging her daughter to fight over a boy, second for disregarding that her daughter has a history of head injuries, and third for not realizing that everything gets recorded and ends up on Youtube.

Florida Church Proposes Burn a Quran Day

David Cantor, Arizona Criminal Attorney, talks about the Small Church, Dove World Outreach Center, in Florida that has proposed to Burn Qurans on September 11th. David talks about how this is within the Pastor’s rights as an American but that does not free him from the consequences of his actions. David feels that this is a dumb act and that offending an entire religion based on a few of its members makes no sense.

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