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Arizona signs restrictive Abortion Bill into Law

Today David M Cantor, a Phoenix based criminal defense lawyer, does a follow up on last months video – AZ Abortion Bill HB 2443 solves problems we don’t have. Last week Governor Jan Brewer signed this bill into law.

After that happened David was contacted by Ellen Tumposky of ABC news.
In that interview David reiterated his prior point that this law has no basis in Arizona or US reality. The studies that were cited we from India and China.

A new aspect of this Bill that David brings up is the new malpractice issue raised. Abortions are very sensitive surgeries and many things can go wrong. Now a doctor will have to contend with even more libel therefore driving doctors away from this procedure strictly due to insurance issues.

This does not help to address any real issue where Women and Minorities are being injured by abortion, as the bills supporters claim. If that were really the motive then why are the same lawmakers taking away medical and education resources from children?

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