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Arizona Immigration Law

Sheriff Joe and the Missing $80 Million

David Cantor has stated before that he is not a huge fan of Sheriff Joe Arapaio, so it is with no small pleasure that the Arizona Criminal Attorney discusses how $80Million in public funds seems to have gone missing from the Maricopa County Sheriff Department’s books. David outlines points from the Arizona Republic’s recent story were it appears the MCSD has been operating 2 separate sets of accounting books. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have placed the MCSD under a budget restriction and have forwarded the results of their report to the US Attorney’s offices for further review of corruption and misuse of power. This is yet another blow to the celebrity sheriff as numerous investigations of misconduct and abuse continue to surround his office.

Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s Assistant, David Hendershott, on Leave

Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor talks about the recent leave for David Hendershott after a memo from Frank Munnell implicated years of misconduct. David is concerned about the appointment of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is know to be a political ally of Sheriff Joe’s, and if the investigation was actually be taken seriously by Babeu’s office. The memo from Munnell is 63 pages long and can be downloaded from our website to be read in full. The allegations of misconduct are far and wide and lead to suspicion that Sheriff Joe was involved or at least aware of them.

AZ Labor Day 2010 DUI Task Force Results

Arizona DUI Attorney, David Cantor, reviews the results of the recent AZ Annual Labor Day DUI Task Force. This year more than 6000 cops participated in over 37,000 pullovers. While there were more DUI arrests made this year over last year, DUI Penalty advocates claim that with the higher number of officers and pullovers the increase is lower than expected. Thus allowing them to claim that DUI penalties are reducing the number of Drunk Drivers. While this may be David takes a look at another statistic that gives him pause: the number of designated drivers pulled over was 700. This is a pretty high number of DD’s to be pulled over which tells David that this is because the cops are targeting certain areas, such as bars, and pulling people over just for pulling out of the parking lot.

Sheriff Joe Gets Sued by the Feds over Immigration Raids

Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor talks about Sheriff Joe, the “thoughest sheriff in america”, and how he is being sued by the federal government over his refusal to turn over public documents regarding his raids on suspected illegal immigrants. At issue is whether or not the Sheriff is using racial profiling to determine if someone is illegal or not. This is an unprecedented situation as pointed out by David and is seen as a very serious threat to the Sheriff’s career.

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