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Category Archives: 904 Glendale DUI Wins

Super Extreme DWI (.257 BAC)(Glendale Municipal Court No. 2003016696CR): Mr. M. was stopped for allegedly making an improper turn. The officer noted a strong odor of alcohol upon contact, and he admitted to drinking. A subsequent breath test revealed a .257% BAC. Due to the fact that the officer was not cooperating with our interview requests, we filed a Motion to Preclude his testimony, which the judge granted. The State was then forced to dismiss all charges.

(Glendale Municipal Court No. 2002023865CR): Mr. T. was found sleeping in this case in a parking lot with his keys in the ignition and the lights on, but his engine was off. He told the officer he was “too tired to drive.” Subsequently he provided a .169 breath BAC qualifying him for an Extreme DUI. The State had witness problems on the day of trial, and subsequently they moved to dismiss all charges.

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(Glendale Municipal Court No. 2001025213CR): Mr. A. was stopped while at a checkpoint on a military base. A strong odor of alcohol was noticed, and he was handcuffed until police could arrive. He subsequently stated that he wanted to talk to a lawyer. Due to the State having problems securing interviews for the defense of the military witnesses, we were able to threaten a Motion to Preclude these witnesses, which resulted in the State dismissing all charges.

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