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Category Archives: 42 Fraudulent Schemes Dismissals

DISMISSED | FRAUDULENT SCHEMES – (Maricopa County Superior Court No. 2003-014902CR): Mr. B. was accused of arriving at a local Chevrolet dealer in an attempt to obtain an engine and water pump valued at over $1,500.00 with a fraudulent purchase order from another Ford dealer. Apparently the other Ford dealer did not authorize this transaction, and all transactions were recorded on video tape. We were able to show the prosecutor that our client was “duped” into picking up the parts by a neighbor across the street. The neighbor had recently been released from prison and had his own criminal history. We had Mr. B. undergo a polygraph, which he passed. We then provided that polygraph to the prosecutor, and all charges were subsequently dismissed “in the interests of justice.”

DISMISSED | FORGERY AND POSSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY – State v. Mr. L. (Maricopa County Superior Court No. A664747CR): Mr. L. was tricked into using a stolen credit card by a friend who claimed it was his step-father’s card (which they were using with permission). He was tricked into purchasing almost $15,000.00 worth of items. We explained to the prosecutor that Mr. L. was tricked, and provided the name of the person who truly had stolen the credit card. All charges against Mr. L. were dropped.

DISMISSED | CREDIT CARD FRAUD – (Maricopa County Superior Court No. A693743CR): Mr. G. was accused of trying to use a stolen credit card at a local grocery store. He was also accused of using that credit card to purchase numerous gift cards at a Home Depot. We were able to work out a civil compromise with the alleged victim, and all charges were dismissed.

DISMISSED | FRAUDULENT SCHEMES/FORGERY – (Maricopa County Superior Court No. 1996-003152CR): Mr. S. was accused of writing 8 checks which totaled approximately $8,000.00. We were able to bring in a handwriting expert who showed that the handwriting on the checks was not Mr. S.’s. In addition, the videotape of the bank surveillance was inconclusive as to the identity of the person cashing the checks. We were able to have the case dismissed in its entirety.

DISMISSED | CREDIT CARD THEFT / FRAUD – (Maricopa County Superior Court No. 9901994CR): Mr. S. was accused of credit card theft and fraud. We were able to work out a civil resolution with the alleged victim, and all charges were dismissed.

DISMISSED | MORTGAGE FRAUD – Ms. V. was employed as an escrow officer in Phoenix and was charged with 37 Felony counts, including Wire Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering, Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, and Engaging in Illegal Monetary Transactions Greater than $10,000.00. While she was an escrow officer she submitted to lenders several preliminary HUD-1 forms, also known as “Pre-audit” and final HUD-1 forms.  Other defendants and their family members were buyers (or the backers of “straw buyers”) of several homes (27 total) where Ms. V. was the escrow agent.  The alleged “cash back scheme” stemmed from these HUD-1 forms Ms. V. drafted that resulted in large sums of unearned/undeserved monies to be distributed to the buyer.  The charges against Ms. V. and the other Defendants arose from these illegal pay-outs.  Per the Assistant United States Attorney, the range of loss was between $2,500,000.00 and $7,000,000.00.  Ms. V. was unwittingly duped into submitting these HUD-1 forms without knowing illegal kickbacks were taking place.  Her charges were ultimately dismissed in full.

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