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What drives a person to Violence?

Every human being has the tendency to get angry and frustrated, but most of us are capable of self-control or simply wired to respect our boundaries. Every other day we hear of tantalizing stories in the news; a father kills his child, an ex-lover executes an acid attack, a teacher harasses his/her student, and so on. A lot of us wonder that how a person can be so ruthless and turn to such inhumane behavior. Virtual Consultation Personal Injury Attorney in San Jose believes that there is a range of factors that determine if a person will drive to violence or severely hurt another being; these include:

  • Genetic make-up
  • Attitude/behavior of family members
  • Home Environment and neighborhood
  • Level of Education
  • IQ/intelligence
  • Nature of social and intimate relationships
  • Norms of society and culture

The seeds of violence are sown when an individual is still young and in the process of developing a personality. A bad childhood often transforms into a troubled adulthood. Combinations of a few or all factors mentioned above promote the propagation of a violent streak. Domestic violence is frequently associated with kids who do poorly in school, are socially inept, or transcend to bullying. Healthy upbringing and the presence of a positive role model is essential for the growth and nourishment of a child’s mind. Lack of emotional support harden the heart and make the person immune to empathy.

An individual strives to escape the problems in his/her life and hold on to something that makes him/her feel good. More than often, alcohol and other intoxicating drugs appear to be the easy way out; these substances on their own are capable of encouraging violent crimes. Addiction drives a person to think irrationally, as quenching their thirst is the only priority. Individuals who have been the victim of violence feel wronged by close relations and the society. They seek refuge through revenge; watching others suffer for their wrongdoings or prejudice grants them an addictive sense of satisfaction.

Some people are short tempered and strike while the iron is hot; others plan out the settling of scores and turn it into a lifelong mission. People who opt for manipulation and mind games are the ones with the most dangerous kind of violent streak. These individuals are highly intellectual and retain charisma, which helps them take control of their victim. You cannot tell if a person has a violent streak by merely looking at them. They could be exceedingly charming and attractive, which makes it easier for them to lure a target.

These people are accustomed to having their way and may seem harmless until everything works according to their will. Minor mistakes, retaliation, resistance, and any sort of disagreement evoke the violence within them. Sometimes a positive influence, like a caring adult or affectionate partner can alleviate the negative characteristics. It is all about reaching the right balance of emotions; when the good overpowers the bad, the evil shall be eliminated. People who cannot withstand rejection, discrimination, bias, indifference, dishonesty, and betrayal are typically prone to demonstrating violent behavior.

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