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Driving Tips for Newbies

Cheers to you for obtaining a driver’s license, because this is the beginning to many epic journeys. An independent mode of transportation feels thrilling, but it can make you nervous as well. Keep in mind that your license is merely the ticket to legally drive around; it signifies that you can drive, but does not guarantee that you are an excellent driver. It is no surprise that insurance premiums for newbies are much higher, simply because they are more susceptible to accidents and traffic violations. Car accident attorneys in the U.S give a handful of tips to improve your latest skill and stay safe on the road:

Practice during Idle Hours

The idiom ‘practice makes a man perfect’ is very true. Take your car out after dawn or another time when the roads are not busy. Do this on a daily basis to strengthen your skills and boost your confidence.

Drive with a Companion

After learning to drive with an instructor for a while, you may get the jitters over the thought of driving on your own. Ask another experienced driver, such as a friend or family member to accompany you during the first few tries.

Hold the Steering Wheel correctly

Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel at all times. The ideal position for the hands is at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock.

Adjust your Mirrors

Your rearview mirror should give a clear view of the road behind you. The side mirrors shall also show the adjacent space along the road, rather than the side of your car. You may use the mirrors for other purposes while you’re at a stop, but adjust them properly otherwise.

Always use Indicators

Whether you’re driving on a busy road or an isolated one, make a habit of utilizing your indicator lights. Indicators let fellow drivers know of your upcoming moves and prevent car accidents.

Learn to Park

Parking is one of the most troublesome tasks for a newbie, so prepare for it in advance. Practice reverse and parallel parking over and over again.

Don’t Speed

Going over the speed limit is never acceptable, no matter how good of a driver you are. New drivers should be extra conscious of obeying all traffic laws, in order to maintain their driving privileges.

Keep your Phone off-limits

Texting and driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes involving teens and young adults. Driving is a challenging endeavor, thus it requires the focus of all your senses. No text, call, or notification is worth your life, so keep calm and forget about your phone.

Don’t drive when Tired or Intoxicated


DUI/DWI crimes are criminal offences that come with dire consequences. As a newbie, avoid getting behind the wheel, even when you’ve only had a single drink. Similarly, any other party drugs like weed or ecstasy have equally disastrous effects. It is essential to be fully aware of your surroundings when you decide to drive; do not do it if you are exhausted or slightly drowsy.

Give Space

Keep ample distance from other drivers, cyclists, bikers, and pedestrians on the way. Never drive too close in parallel or attempt tailgating during rush hour. In case you met in a car accident, immediately contact Car Accident King for free initial Consultation.

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